Lily Rose Bolwell – woman to inspire

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This year is extremely important for me as a creator of Women of Newport. Few months past since the exhibition day at the Escape Rooms and I still meet new women and make new connections. There is this special young woman I would like to introduce to You. She is 19 years old, with big baggage of experience and with unbelievable will to make the best of her life. She follows her dreams and battle her mental health problems the same time. She speaks loud about her condition and her past, and her passion to live her life is inspiring. I met her by Jayne Bryant (Welsh Assembly Member) and her name is Lily Rose Bolwell. Lily does work experience in Jayne’s office at the moment, she helped in Ruth Jones last election campaign and she is an aspiring future generation politician. There is something about her and she was happy to share her story on Women of Newport. She will be present here more often, she will assist me in the future project I started working on already (photography project about mental health) and she can inspire you as well with her personality. I believe, one day everyone will know Lily, and I believe it will happen sooner than later.

Lily about herself and her life: ”I have battled mental health since I was 13. Things took a turn for the worse and I was having family problems and being bullied in school. I left school at 14 due to my anxiety, depression and eating disorder, plus not feeling safe and wanted to hurt myself etc. I have been through hell and back with my paranoia and psychotic thoughts to harm others. I was on complete suicide watch for three years. For ten months out of two years I didn’t leave the house at all. I couldn’t even sleep on my own. I have ran away so many times thinking the only way was to kill myself. I have been in the grips of anorexia since I was 15 and since January 2019 I have started to live my life.” You can read more about Lily’s journey on her Instagram account. (

Our paths crossed accidentally few months ago and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Lily for your recent support ( I battle mental health problems myself) and thank you for inspiring me to be more open about it. Lily convinced me that I does help and once you open up, it makes you feel better. Lily is very close with her mum who saved her life. ”If it wasn’t for you mum, I wouldn’t be alive today. My mum give up her job to care for me four years ago as I was very ill. My mum is the strongest, caring, kind, funny, beautiful, thoughtful and trustworthy person I know”.

When you meet someone like Lily, who is passionate about making the World better and caring like her mum, you know the future is brighter. I am wishing her all the best as a future politician, and hopefully she will get the dreamed apprenticeship at Welsh Assembly soon. Only last year she was very ill and a wheelchair had to be used to help her to move around. She found her love recently and is in the first serious relationship. You are very strong Lily and You are in the right place. Thank You for inviting me into your house and for letting me meet your wonderful dogs. I was a fun day to photograph you all. You have so much to offer and welcome aboard as a Woman of Newport. Kamila



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