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In 2019 I met, supported, photographed and connected with many local women and I believe it’s just the beginning. 2020 will be busier and there will be few changes coming. Women of Newport started as an exhibition, but it is something more now. If not your support, I would never get so far, thank you very much for that!

I would like to share with you some of the plans, but first let me explain you some of the decisions I made in last few months. First of all – first official partnership and I choose Newport City Ladies FC team.

I deliberately chose a partnership with local female football team, because female football is getting more popularity than ever and plus because it needs more support and recognition the same time. Female football is still not treated seriously and equally compare to male football. Also, Women of Newport stands for empowering other women and supporting them (their goals and dreams). This is one of our main principle. Also, the second partnership is coming and it will be announced very soon in details!

The biggest change is I won’t be doing Women of Newport on my own anymore, but with few other women equally. We together are preparing something amazing for you in 2020 but it is a secret at the moment. There will be meetings, new projects and more photo sessions. And everyone can be a part of it.

Year 2019 was very successful. We were an official sponsor of the first ever Tedx in Newport in October, we supported The Chartist Tournament organised by Riot City Ravens in August, we supported Newport Rising and Our Chartist Heritage. In 2020 new exhibitions are coming and Women of Newport exhibition is going to Cardiff in March for International Women Day. In 2020 we will support Statue for Lady Rhonda project, Reality Theatre and Entertainment, Janet Martin and her new project about helping homeless people. We would love to support local communities, charities and to promote small businesses.

And at the end I would like to quote one of my favourite words and a motto which I believe is absolutely true and is leading to success.


Happy New Year everyone and I will speak to you very soon



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  1. […] It continues to be an exciting time for Kamila and the group, plus it is no understatement to say that Women of Newport is continuing to grow and develop from strength to strength! The Women of Newport team has expanded (hello Georgie & Miss Rie!) and there are some seriously ambitious altruistic plans on the horizon to come… you can literally support this project by buying their t-shirt (artwork by Miss Rie Tattoo). A hint of what more is to come from the group can be found here: […]

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