”Empowerment comes from within. You empower you” Jo Jo O’Donoghue

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”Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the World it was crooked”. When I spotted this quote for the first time, I thought about Jo Jo, the leading singer from Jo Jo and the Teeth, because she honestly believes in empowering other women and has the greatest inspiration, her mum, to show her how to be tough and fight for her own space on this planet. There won’t be wishing others bad, no backstabbing. She supports other female artists in the music business and knows how ”doing things together to benefit all” rule works. It all sounds very cheesy, but it’s the honest true. 

And I would like to correct you here. Jo Jo and I probably would never meet, because we are very different, yet similar. But to discover the connecting part, it took as a while. And this relation was properly growing in time. I believe we need different kinds of people in our life, presenting different personalities, passions, visions, but as long as there is some core holding you together, it’s brilliant. My love for photography (she is a perfect model), music (perfect band) and to empower other women is this core. Also the vision about how things work. Both of us dreamers ready to make them happy. Very optimistic, despite obstacles on the way. But keep moving and not stopping, so the journey itself, is the best part of fulfilling the dreams.

Jo Jo told me, ”I definitely walk through my life as an independent artist with that rock solid foundation that my mother built for me. A strong work ethic and an innate knowledge of my capabilities, my worth and what I bring to the table.” She also inspired me with the way she praises her mother, who was equalled strong and a solid rock for her, ”I grew up in a small, quaint, prairie town in rural Alberta, Canada. The 5th child of 6, to a wild Irish woman. My mother, a force of nature, raised us to believe we were capable of anything. Not that dreamy, whimsical kind of anything- but LITERALLY anything. I mean tear out your own floor, lay your own hardwood, build yourself a staircase, build your own damn house kinda anything! There is absolutely nothing that that woman can’t do. I grew up watching my mother own every room she walked into, fighting any man, woman or beast who got in between her and her goal. How could I have turned out any other way with a woman like that in my life showing me the way?”

She also added, ”The message I would like to share with other women is that empowerment comes from within. You empower you. You lift you up. No one can do the work for you. I want us to be free of that little voice in our heads that says “What If you Fail?”… because Ladies… What if you soar and set the world on fire??? We all deserve that feeling of freedom. That knowledge that against all odds, you dared to go for it. Even if you fail, and you will fail (As I often do) -What a fantastic feeling!! Let failure be your teacher, get up, and try it again.”

I am wishing you Jo Jo all the best and can not wait to see what you are up to next time! We met because of the Women of Newport and because we believe in empowering each other. You got my back and I got yours, and let’s this our adventure continue!


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