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I’ve been a birth photographer for over four years and it’s fair to say I adore all things birth including documenting it. I’d love to share my images and thoughts around birth photography with you. It’s interesting to me, that over the years when people combine the words “birth” and “photography” a particular moment or image comes to mind. You know the one I mean, right? Often, the first thought is (shock, horror!) “Why would you want to photograph that?” Allow me to challenge that reaction by sharing a series of images that I hope showcases that birth photography is far more than just the crowning shot! 

Birth photography (as cliche as it sounds) is about capturing all the emotion. It gives you a glimpse of who supported and held you. It shows you moments you’ll miss and includes all those amazing firsts. First breath, first sight, first touch. It’s about recording a moment in time that can not be rehearsed, paused or re-shot.

I’m also fascinated by our perception of birth. When we think of birth, the majority of us see a woman laying on her back, screaming. This is generally how birth is shown all the time via TV and films. This viewpoint can inject an element of fear around childbirth.

I believe this negatively impacts women, particularly if you’re due to give birth for the first time. What I hope to do by sharing my work is to show you how birth can look. This hopefully instils a more positive feeling than a negative one. Explore how other women are giving birth, use the resources available. Open new doorways to conversations about birth and birthing. Consider using alternative positions to labour and birth.  Arming yourself with the knowledge that you have a choice where you’d like to give birth, how you’d like to give birth, what pain relief methods are available. Who do you want with you and how do you want to be supported? You can obtain all these answers just by looking at birth.

Why would I want to document my birth, you might ask.

Great question. Why you would photograph your wedding day? Is it because you want to remember it and revisit it?

The day you give birth is life-changing, it’s profound and it’s one of the most transformational moments in your life. Each time you give birth your narrative will be different. The question should be “Why wouldn’t you want to photograph your birth?

Birth can be a very hazy time, you’ll be caught up in the emotion and the euphoria. I see and capture this emotion. Here’s what one client said after receiving their images: 

“Having these images means I can look back through the wormhole of time and trigger exactly how I felt and see how much love I have for my baby” – Jessika

I hope through my work and the relationships I build (with the most extraordinary women) that it will one day help to change the perception of birth. That it aids the next generation of women to have a greater understanding and knowledge of birth. I hope it also contributes to eliminating the fear factor. I strongly believe that images of birth will hold historical value too. Could how we birth in the next 40 years look different from how we birth today? How might we be giving birth in the future?

I would like to conclude by saying a big thank you to Kamila and The Women Of Newport project for allowing me to share my work on this wonderful platform. This is such a valuable place for women to support women. The very BEST place to view my work is via Instagram, it’s where I exclusively share my birth photography. You can find me here southwales_birthphotographer 

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Unfortunately, due to Instagram restrictions, I’m not always able to share all my birth work. My solution: Visit my website to enjoy and access my “uncensored” work.

Head here:

It has been a pleasure to share my work and thoughts about birth photography with you (I feel like I could go one for much longer…) Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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