Let’s connect! by Svetla Archard

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I was introduced to Kamila by a friend of mine Jo as a super busy woman ( Jo, you must know me very well! ).

It took us  awhile to arrange to meet but I have to say – it was the most exciting and best time I had during the lockdown. Kamila is a person you can talk to endlessly, about anything.

I am Svetla Archard, originally from Bulgaria but live and work in Newport for 11 years now. 

Back in 2009 when I arrived in Newport I felt scared – I didn’t know anyone, my English wasn’t as good as now and I found it very difficult to make contacts or  friends. My self esteem was very low. I was wondering how many out there felt the same way as me? 

Then I started to dream about Women in Newport, how nice it would be if we could connect. If we could create a club or something where we can meet and talk, share ideas, get advice, discuss and create opportunities, support our businesses and make friends. 

When I met Kamila and she told me about Women in Newport, I couldn’t believe it! It was happening! My over 10 years dream became real!

Today, I love to introduce myself as a successful Pilates teacher. 

After many years of training, my knowledge and  experience have changed  hundreds of lives. In my career I have had the opportunity to meet and work with people with different fitness levels – from children to elderly, from people with limits in their mobility to professional athletes and dancers. I  have had the chance to give them a pain free future, better performance, take age off their bodies and better understanding оf the Power of movement. 

I teach people to maintain, correct or improve their posture and help them to build new habits to move, sit or rest in a natural and efficient way, when they use only the muscles specifically designed for it and protect themselves from needless suffering. I had  great support from Sport Wales who sponsored  my creative ideas to help people from different age and fitness levels, so to be able to teach today not just in Newport but in many more places in South Wales.

I have two sons, 26 and 18 and I am happily married to a welsh guy. His specific health conditions made us search for natural remedies as they are safer and have no side effects. That is how we discovered the power of essential oils. It is hard to believe how just a drop of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oil can be a solution for different health concerns but  sadly not many people know about it. 

Instead of immediately reaching for conventional medication to support your body with pain, reduce inflammation, cold, flu, skin or digestive issues, why not try first natural alternatives and avoid the possibilities of harmful side effects?

So, I decided to teach people essential oils –  difference in grades and how to use them safely.

At the end I want to say huge ‘THANK YOU” , Kamila for making  my dream true and giving this opportunity to connect to other women in Newport. Your idea is amazing and

 ‘A good idea can change your life’




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