”Newport City Ladies are back! This time with two teams, not one!” by Kamila Jarczak

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Since July 2019 I have supported our local women’s football team Newport CIty Ladies FC and it was an amazing time to watch them grow, play, laugh and build up friendships. Some of the girls left, some are still there and some have just joined the team. I really enjoy being involved with them and I am happy to provide fresh photos for them and share their progress on our Women of Newport social media. 

Women of Newport is about supporting other local women and building up a strong community based on friendship, empowerment and basically all the girl power. And the team stands for these values. I shared good few months ago few stories of some of the girls and how they see the changes in women’s football in recent years and the future of women in football – bigger popularity, more girls involved and joining the team, growing media attention, finally a chance to be a professional footballer for women etc

Newport City Ladies FC started as a one team last year, and this year there are two not one, which is absolutely amazing! One team is in division 1 and one in division 2.  Also, Phillip Butler, the manager of one of the teams, told me ,,We are starting under 11 and under 12 this season, they start training on the 30th of July and then we are going to look at getting the nursery started’’. Which is absolutely amazing, because my little daughter was copying her older brother couple of years ago and was playing a bit of football with him, so let her try.

‘’The Football Association of Wales aims to have 20,000 girls and women playing by 2024. There are currently 6,500. Prof McAllister, who is a former Wales team captain, said: “When girls start school they already think of football as a game for boys. “That’s the problem – we need to give more support, more money and put more of an emphasis on the women’s game – and in particular with young girls’’ (source, BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-43489521 )

Why am I mentioning this? I decided to support also younger girls playing football this year and coming years. Spread more word, take and share some photos etc. My schedule is already very busy and overstretched, but I will do my best to find a moment or two. It doesn’t mean I am expecting every girl to play football, but if we change the perception and will let them think that it’s the sport not just for the boys, we can go into full equality in football. The ladies I met already wish they could have the same opportunities when they were younger like the girls now. And it’s still not as equal as men’s football.


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