Newport’s community theatre you will definitely fall in love in

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If you haven’t heard about Reality Theatre and Entertainment yet, you are missing something great in Newport. Honestly. It is a community theatre working with Derwen Housing Association residents in Newport. Real people performing in the plays, some fighting loneliness, they all  experiment with acting and having some fun. Non professional actors and gender equality when playing the roles – females playing male characters and opposite. I love it very much.

Juls Benson is behind the writing and she also directs the plays. She is an extremely talented person passioned about her work. She impresses me so much and I absolutely love spending time with her and supporting her projects. Her talent was recognised by Welsh Assembly and one of the play was performed there. Tale about loneliness, written partly by the residents themselves.

Last Sunday the group performed at Barnabas Arts House in Newport – all tickets were successfully sold out way before the date of the play! It was just one performance and audience giggled all the way, from the beginning to the end. It was definitely not a proper Christmas Carol.

Sexy secretary Dolly, dreaming about romance with greedy and selfish Scrooge, even classic ”Benny Hill run” was a part of the play. Juls interacted with public by showing Cheer and Boo signs when necessary and she giggled herself a lot – I know it, because I sat next to her when took the photos.

Juls and the theatre is currently working on more projects. One about the loneliness, mentioned already. It was covered in local press few times already ( ), and I am proud to be a part of it as a photographer.

Another one is about feminism (I am also part of it) and the theatre received £10 000 grant from The National Lottery Heritage fund for the creation. The performance, planned to be shown in the summer of 2020, will feature the stories of women born before 1955 who took action to reform gender equality and roles and will take place at Barnabas Arts House, Newport.

In my opinion one performance is not enough and I dream about the day when more people would fall in love in the Reality Theatre and Entertainment, like I did. It is a unique gem and something what Newport can be proud of and the team behind it is absolutely amazing. Thank you Juls Benson for you hard work and dedication, for your time and unique vision and looking forward to see more. Kamila


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