OUR NEW MERCH AND SHOP! Grab one of our new Women of Newport prints from today – by Kamila Jarczak

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Hello everyone. Today we are launching our SECOND merchandise product with the design of fabulous Miss Rie. Her iconic female cherub is available to buy now as a print with two options for you – A1 and A2 print. Beautiful cherub on the black backdrop – very moody, atmospheric and so Miss Rie’s style.

Miss Rie (the artist) with her A1 print
Miss Rie with the Women of Newport prints (A1 and A2 size)

We teamed up with Alexia Mc Calmont – Green to launch our prints, known from running two successful businesses in Newport Rogue Fox Coffee and Meat and Grill Bar, who was also photographed for the Women of Newport exhibition in 2019 as one of the 40 inspiring women/group of women from Newport.

Alexia (Rogue Fox Coffee/ Meat and Grill Bar), photo taken for the exhibition in 2019
A2 Women of Newport print decorating Rogue Fox Coffee

Alexia was the first one to buy our new prints and they do as a decoration at the Rogue Fox Coffee (print size A2) and at Meat and Grill Bar (print size A2). Thank you Alexia for loving our work and for your support!

Rogue Fox Coffee
Alexia said: ‘’I love supporting Women of Newport. In particular, I love that there’s a group that recognises and celebrates women in business in the local area’’. 
Alexia, photo taken for the exhibition in 2019
She also added: I wanted the prints because I wanted to support the group, but also I love the artwork! I hope by displaying them in the businesses we can help promote Women of Newport’’

We are extremely happy to have you on board Alexia! And wishing you all the best and more successes.

We also launched a new shop where you can purchase the prints, but also other our products like Women of Newport book first edition and two photography prints by Kamila, photos taken during lockdown. With purchasing our products you actually support our work. We want to continue to grow Women of Newport and your part is vital. Thank you for all of your support so far! Link to the shop below:

Rogue Fox Coffee staff member with Women of Newport A2 size print



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