Lily Hayden talks about chasing dreams and chick lit

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Chasing a dream

Kamila, the founder of Women of Newport, and I first connected because of a story I told about how I quit my job to follow my dreams. As a mother of four school-age children, I was terrified that I had done the wrong thing giving up a secure career to chase my dream of becoming an author, but I learned that it’s ok to be scared just as long as you don’t let it stop you. 


Childbirth in Pictures – Jo Robertson of Lillian Craze Birth Photography

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I’ve been a birth photographer for over four years and it’s fair to say I adore all things birth including documenting it. I’d love to share my images and thoughts around birth photography with you. It’s interesting to me, that over the years when people combine the words “birth” and “photography” a particular moment or image comes to mind. You know the one I mean, right? Often, the first thought is (shock, horror!) “Why would you want to photograph that?” Allow me to challenge that reaction by sharing a series of images that I hope showcases that birth photography is far more than just the crowning shot!  (more…)

A Year Photographing Newport Women’s Aid – by Jo Haycock

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It’s hard to believe that back in March we were celebrating International Women’s Day at the Riverfront in Newport. A coming together and sharing of relationships, culture and everything empowering womanhood.  There is nothing more liberating than wandering around the space, experiencing all the greatness and talent that these communities can give when they unite in one great space. From flashmob choirs and dance routines to film festive launches and craft drop-ins. As well as taking part in drama workshops and listening to project talks. Campaigning to end domestic abuse is as much part of the day’s theme as learning to express and celebrate yourself in whichever way you choose, whether that’s through your birthing choices, your artistic voice or standing tall within your own community. This is the talk I gave that day, of a year I spent being shown what hope and resilience looked like for these incredible women… (more…)

”Empowerment comes from within. You empower you” Jo Jo O’Donoghue

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”Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the World it was crooked”. When I spotted this quote for the first time, I thought about Jo Jo, the leading singer from Jo Jo and the Teeth, because she honestly believes in empowering other women and has the greatest inspiration, her mum, to show her how to be tough and fight for her own space on this planet. There won’t be wishing others bad, no backstabbing. She supports other female artists in the music business and knows how ”doing things together to benefit all” rule works. It all sounds very cheesy, but it’s the honest true.  (more…)

Thank you for your support in 2019!

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In 2019 I met, supported, photographed and connected with many local women and I believe it’s just the beginning. 2020 will be busier and there will be few changes coming. Women of Newport started as an exhibition, but it is something more now. If not your support, I would never get so far, thank you very much for that! (more…)

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