Rent 2 Rent Success and the two amazing women behind it

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Few months ago I had a privilege to meet and work with two amazing local women – sisters Stephanie and Nicky – and their stories and success is something what really inspires me. They run Rent to Rent Success company and are doing amazingly well in local real estate business. I think it is important to spread the positivity and support other women out there. The ladies run the workshops for people interested in getting into the property business, they buy and rent properties as well and they will teach how you can be involved if you can not afford to buy your own property yet. They are charismatic, extremely professional, friendly and warm. You just really want to be around them.

I met them at the event they organised few months ago and it quickly clicked between us. We talked about empowering other people and we talked about Women of Newport, and empowering local women. We realised that we have so much in common and we started naturally building a strong relationship since then. It is just a beginning of our friendship. because together we can achieve more, right? Women of Newport as a community stands for it. We all have different talents and personalities, but we all passionate about creating something unique.

The story how the adventure with the business started is very interesting, and here’s what Stephanie told about it –

With so many failures to look back on, I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to try if it hadn’t been for the phone call which changed everything. An every day happening which changed my world. My Mum telephoned me one sunny morning while I was getting ready for work in my beautiful Harbourside flat in Bristol. Getting ready for the onslaught that was life at the bank.

Mum didn’t call me in the mornings. Mum rarely asks for anything. That’s’ why I should have  taken it more seriously. Mum was ill. And she tried to sound upbeat. I could hear that she was scared. She called because she needed the reassurance we all need when we feel sick and anxious and scared. And I feel so ashamed. I was worried while we were on the phone. Yes about Mum. But also, I was worried about work. And being on time. And the project meeting. And the presentation. And and and… All these other things that I thought were so important

That was the day something changed for me. Because as I sat at my desk that afternoon. It hit me like a punch in the stomach”

So what is Rent 2 Rent Success and who are the women standing behind it? Rent 2 Rent Success is not just about getting you on a property ladder is also about helping you to give you freedom, be your own boss. It is about supporting you in this journey with all needed knowledge. It is about empowering people and guiding them being successful. And who are Stephanie and Nicky? They are a perfect example of the success and how hard work and commitment can change your life. How empowering other people can help you grow and be successful as well. They are Women of Newport, and they great ones precisely, worthy the recognition and your attention.



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