Small town, big dreams – success of the first ever Tedx in Newport

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Small town, big dreams was a main title of the first ever Tedx event in Newport Wales. The proper name for our event is TEDxCasnewydd. The 26th of October is already a historical date in Newport and we  – Women of Newport – are happy to be a part of it as one of the official sponsors. Other sponsors were The Wonder Bra, Record One, Dan Dan Films and St Joseph’s High School.

How I got involved? Since I started Women of Newport, I met many incredible people, businesses and organisations and with some I loved to be more involved in the future projects. One of those people are the guys behind Record One business. Record One is a platform for creatives specialising in live sound and studio production from Newport Andrew and Elliot are incredible and passionate about our city, and they are not even 30 years old yet. It’s very inspiring and their drive to make Newport a better place is outstanding. Andrew was one of the main organisers of the event and he gave me an opportunity to be involved as one of the sponsors – couldn’t say no really. Big credit to Kim also and the rest of the crew for the fabulous day.

We had an opportunity to listen to 12 speakers with different stories and inspiring messages. It was mostly about following your dreams and working hard. Commitment and how unexpected life can be, about leadership and the future, about homelessness and media. All of them left some important message and shared their legacy with the audience.

Lestor is a pastor and speaks with groups about motivation and mentoring. He played a crucial role in bringing first sleeping pods to Newport for homeless people. Hayden is a filmmaker and social media campaigner. Natalie became a successful personal trainer after years of being overweight and depression. Taz will prepare a dinner party in your kitchen and is passionate about food. Tommy is an award winning entrepreneur, life coach and speaker, author of the bestselling book ”Back Yourself”. Nathan Jennings is a director of highly expected production ”The Rock of Newport” which will be released in 2020 – Once a punk, always a punk! Love this quote.


The event is coming back next year and I am looking forward to it very much. Newport needs more positivity and actually there is a trend at the moment showing the promising changes. With my own project, Women if Newport, I was and still trying to spread more positive attitude and want to encourage people to build partnerships and connect. One of my favourite quotes is ”You need an attitude of service. You’re not just serving yourself. You help others to grow up and you grow with them”. It is my motto for Women of Newport.

I also like what pastor Lester said about the ”Power of One”. Every person can make a difference. It often starts with just one person, and if you are inspiring, other people will follow. ”Heroes solve other people’s problems, Villains solve their own” is another quote which stack in my head after the event. If you are genuine and think about the others, you are not just a pretender, you will be more successful and the World will give you back more in return. And most of all, serving other people is an amazing feeling and one of the best satisfactions you can experience. Looking forward to see you at the Riverfront next year, if you didn’t come this year, and all the best for the amazing organisers. Kamila


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