‘’Something for the mums – let’s introduce amazing OneFitMama Debbie’’ by Kamila Jarczak

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Debbie – OneFitMama and the babies

A while ago I got in touch with Debbie, who is known locally as One fit mama Newport, and I would like to share with you amazing things she does for other women and their wellbeing. First of all, One fit mama are classes designed helping new mums to get in shape after pregnancy. But it’s not just postnatal fitness.

Debbie runs OneFitCore 6 weeks program and its goal is to help women with pelvic floor problems related to pregnancy. I am a mum of 3, two of my kids are already adults and one is 5 years old. Since I remember, after the 2nd pregnancy I started to feel like my pelvic floor muscles are not right. My midwife was telling me to squeeze ‘’down there’’ when I went to the bathroom and that was pretty much it. It went much worse when my daughter was born and was advised to do Kegels and squeeze etc. And all medical help stopped there.

When I was still in the hospital with my last child,the midwife who was looking after me had 3 kids as me, and was joking that after the last one ‘’she couldn’t hold it anymore and you have to get used to it – if you know what I mean’’. That time I thought it’s kind of funny (she was actually laughing), but the reality is it is not. It can make your life truly miserable.

And there are so many women out there going through this nightmare in silence and thinking their last resort will be some painful plastic mesh attached to the body or vision of wearing incontinence pads for the rest of their lives. Dear women, if you are one of them – you don’t have to worry anymore! OneFitCore program is what you need.

Me and my daughter

I was invited by Debbie to join her 6 weeks program and what I learned that time is unbelievable. It was nothing like an old fashioned midwife patient kind of conversation and doing Kegels on a floor. Pelvic floor is not just about your bladder, but also your back and your abs – it’s our anatomy that makes it difficult, it’s what you learn first.

6 weeks and your life will change. Women who joined it are mums – new mums, mums with older kids. Mums who want to improve their quality of life and feel like they should feel. 

May announcement about the program

What is also important is understanding that we women go through a lot with being pregnant. They say, you are just pregnant, you are not ill, but try to say it to the mums. Some women feel amazing or feel like they can be pregnant all the time, but many of us are not so lucky and suffer the consequences even long after. Pregnancy and motherhood can be a difficult time. Still society sees ALL women as naturally blessed with maternity instincts and ready to bear a child, because ‘’we were born to do it’’. Social media still promises us that this is the best time of our lives and everything is so sweet, beautiful, magical etc. Often it is exactly the opposite – depression, lack of feelings, problems with bonding, problem with breastfeeding, with pelvic floor, problem with sleeping, with self care etc. 

More open conversations about pelvic floor are one of the taboo and popularity of Debbie’s sessions prove that women need someone who can help them. The plus is, you don’t have to leave your house – zoom meetings are great, plus you can stay in your favourite pjs and switch off the camera, when you have to exercise, for the extra privacy.

Debbie photographed by me on our friendly coffee meeting

Debbie is passionate about getting new knowledge, help every single woman and she promises that every one of them will see a big difference after 6 weeks. Your muscles are stronger – your pelvic, back and abs. You feel your confidence coming back and solution for your worries and problems. And after my experience I can tell you she was telling the truth – I am a sceptical mind!

I think what Debbie does is amazing and she has this natural warm and caring personality. You honestly feel like you can talk to her and she would listen. I believe that many women who attend her workshops are attracted to that as well. It has been way too long for us mums to feel like there is no one who can truly help them.

Things change a bit and women are taken more seriously with their pregnancy and post pregnancy problems. It would be amazing to see taboo subjects gone and improvements in medical help prioritised, and so that scary mesh netty thing is placed only in museums at the end, yuck.

Article by Debbie – next week! Keep your eyes open.





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