We launch our first merchandise product and we are excited! by Kamila Jarczak

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In June 2020 we launched our first Women of Newport merchandise product and we are thrilled. We have been waiting for this moment since last year actually. I had a conversation with Miss Rie, the artist behind the design, about creating something unique for Women of Newport for the first time in July 2019.

Iconic already female cherub was created in November 2019 and the original plan was to launch it on our first Women of Newport event, for the first anniversary of the exhibition, in May 2020. Miss Rie’s unique style and love for Newport is more and more recognised in the city so she is absolutely perfect for ”the job”. Not to mention her passion for collaborations and ”uniting local women as WON” – our main slogan.

This is what Marie Lowe, known as Miss Rie, said: ”I moved to Newport 12 years ago and being at a bit of a lose end in the beginning, I have now made this City my home. As well as getting to know and making friends with Kamila through Women of Newport, I have met many wonderful and inspiring women from in and around Newport, and am overwhelmed by the friendliness, helpfulness and passion of this community.”

So what comes next?

T shirts won’t be the only products we will release and Miss Rie won’t be the only artist designing for Women of Newport. I personally can’t wait for the large prints of ‘’Women of Newport cherub’’ and to hang one on my wall. Our ambition is to include more artists in the future and organise annual events for local women, where they can feel special, appreciated and meet new friends, potential business partners, create collaborations etc. New annual products will be launched on the events, following the new edition of the exhibition. 

First Women of Newport t-shirts are only the beginning. We also plan to organise friendly coffee meetings and workshops for you. Meetings where you can promote your business and reach new customers. We are considering memberships and with annual membership you will receive special offers and discounts

Our slogan is UNITE AS WON, and that’s what we are trying to achieve, to unite local women and build an amazing local community. Newport has so much to offer and people are absolutely amazing if not the best. The support I received since the beginning of Women of Newport is more than I expected and your support is making me want to do more.


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