Women of Newport podcasts, coming soon! by Clare Salisbury

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I hadn’t long moved to Newport when I first came across this beautifully composed, striking photo of a woman standing on the top of the Transporter Bridge. Though I didn’t really know anything at the time about the woman in the photo, the photographer, not even that much about the significance of the bridge to the city, I found it so powerful.

I got to know a bit about the Women of Newport project, found all the other beautiful portraits and through the photos, I begun to learn about the city. Of course the photos are stunning in their own right, but as a radio and podcast producer, I’m always looking for stories, and it struck me that every woman, in every photo must have their own story. If they’d inspired Kamila enough to want to photograph them, then there must be so many important and inspiring stories worth telling and sharing. I wanted to get involved in Women of Newport to see if there was a way – even just a small one – of helping these stories reach an even wider audience. And that’s where the idea for a podcast came from. Kamila was gracious enough to agree to giving it a go, and so that brings us to now; researching and planning the Women of Newport podcast. I hope it will give people in Newport and way beyond, the chance to hear the voices of the women who make this city the incredible place it is.

The plan for the Women of Newport podcast is to feature one woman telling their story, in each episode. I’m biased, because I love audio and radio and have done all my life, but I think there’s something really special about listening to stories. Don’t get me wrong – I love TV and film, but when audio is the only thing you have, it feels really intimate. Most people listen to podcasts when you’re on your own, often with headphones. Maybe when you’re running, or at the gym or travelling on the bus or on the train. You listen to radio in the car, or in the kitchen, or when you wake up or you’re going to sleep at night. You connect to the voices you’re hearing in a different way from actors in films or presenters on TV. I think that’s why I’m so looking forward to recording women in the city, because I think there’ll be inspiring, uplifting and probably surprising stories which are really worth stopping and listening to.

I hope that the podcast can also benefit the community here in Newport. I keep finding out about more amazing women doing brilliant things in their communities, whether personally or professionally. One of the reasons I love the idea behind the Women of Newport project is that it’s such a great example of women supporting each other. I’ve been really struck by the amount that seems to happen in this city. It’s important because by supporting each other, we all benefit. We all become stronger. Everyone has a story. I hope that by recording them, the podcast will be a small part of that movement. And that hearing them might inspire more women to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.

I started the production process earlier this year and unfortunately, Coronavirus has put a halt to the recording for now. But when I can, I’m so excited to start meeting and recording with women. I feel really flattered to be part of the Women of Newport team and I hope the podcast will do justice to what Kamila has started.


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