Women of Newport was the brainchild of Kamila Jarczak back in 2019

As an adjunct to her inaugural and innovative photography exhibition she founded this community based group to showcase, connect, support and celebrate the wonderful diversity of women in our city.

We encourage individual and social entrepreneurial enterprise raising awareness amongst our communities to be the best we can possibly be. 

We strive to empower women, groups and communities by promoting social inclusion and engaging in various projects making a difference for individuals by supporting positive ventures run by groups and businesses, connecting the city and wider region with the creativity, heritage and uniqueness that is available in Newport.

Kamila Jarczak 2019

''When women support each other, incredible things happen.''

Since its inception Women of Newport has been involved in many events organised and celebrated in our wonderful city.

We are extremely proud to have been involved in the social
collaboration that brings cohesion to the abundant and
diverse communities here in Newport.

We endeavour to share your ideas for community
enhancement and engagement for the benefit of others in Newport.

Latest News!

Women of Newport the 3rd exhibition at the senedd

On the public display from the 23rd January 2024 till 1st April 2024


Sponsored by John Griffiths MS and co-funded by The National Lottery Community Fund

women of newport exhibition – newport community champions

In 2023 we launched the next Women of Newport photography exhibition. We invited everyone in Newport the opportunity to nominate women making a difference in their communities. Our voting committee, who are consisting of some well recognised and influential women then had the hardest job to choose the participants who inspired them the most. 

Purpose of the exhibition

This exhibition is the third in a series of exhibitions by Kamila and Women of Newport. It is not just about  highlighting the amazing achievements of these influential women, but their ability to assist and connect with other women, groups and organisations and make a difference.

Women of Newport work with these individuals and this exhibition will assist and support their efforts and future collaboration on their diverse projects and workshops, skill sharing, motivation and inspiration from their experiences. It will enable them to further encourage their local community groups and empower them to continue to evolve support mechanisms and influence change for the future wellbeing of us all. 

It is about highlighting, recognising and appreciating the power of our  community spirit to support and promote positivity to our undervalued city.


we were interviewed by the voice magazine! 

In October 2023 an interview with Kamila and Dawn appeared at the Voice magazine, where we talked about our community group, plans… and who we are. 

Dawn: ”We cultivate ideas by engaging with the local communities because we care about Newport and the people who live here. We want to help and support existing and emerging businesses to flourish, we want to assist individuals and groups to understand one another, strengthen bonds to coexist and support one another, I suppose we just want everyone to enjoy being part of a very unique heritage and culture that is Newport.

Women of newport and ”the Place of wonder”

With funding secured from The National Lottery Community Fund, Women of Newport and Jan Martin were proud to launch the opening of the lane project ”The Place of Wonder” in June 2023.

The area was transformed with help of local and international artists from dereliction to a vibrant community space that local residents can utilise and be proud of.

Women of Newport is about supporting and enhancing local environment and communities. If you have a project in mind that can improve or transform, we would love to hear more and please get in touch with us. 

in 2023 we proudly sponsored or supported events like:

  • Dwarfism awareness day organised at the Senedd by a local champion Danielle Webb, Little People UK and Jayne Bryant MS.
  • Youth Future Hub event organised at the Senedd by a local Youth Parliament member Sonia Marwaha and Jayne Bryant MS.
  • Newport Women’s Forum bursary awards and their annual fundraising event supporting local women.
  • We sponsored and supported Riot City Ravens recruiting new members campaign. 

Some of our proudest moments...

Ukraine Appeal organised by us with support of our amazing volunteers, sponsors and partners.
We sent hundreds of tonnes of donations to Poland and Ukraine in 6 months.

We supported Newport City Ladies FC team by photographing them, finding sponsors and highlighting in public and our social medias the importance of supporting equality in football for women.

We organised in 2021, in Newport Pill, charity event with Santa.
Thanks to our sponsors we could support more than 50 children with free gifts, experience and crafts.

As a Brownie Leader and Girguiding Commissioner, Dawn works hard and is passionate about empowering our young Women of Newport, by interaction and co-operation with other youth organisations. In collaboration with Gwent Police cadets, Dawn’s Brownie Unit were raising awareness of White Ribbon Day and the prevention violence against girls and women.

Kamila as the resident photographer, along with other Women of Newport is on the supporting team of this annual event. This torch-lit festival march follows events of 1839 where John Frost and the Chartists bravely fought for the common voice to be heard and the right to vote.  Women of Newport continue to champion local events for the benefit of our community.  Light it up !

In 2022 Dawn our pancreatic cancer survivor  is campaigning to improve clinical pathways for cancer patients. She was invited to the Houses of Parliament by Pancreatic Cancer UK to speak to over 100 Lords & MP’s about the importance of early recognition and diagnosis of this aggressive and devastating cancer to pledge their support and change legislation.

said about us



our SPONSORS AND partners:

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