Women of Newport are committed to our city and the people of Newport, whose rich, historical and cultural diversity we endeavor to support. With this in mind we strive to give our communities the best we can through our volunteering services. Below is just an example of what  has been achieved:

Ukraine appeal

Specifically established  to support our Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. All funds gratefully received were used to provide vital transport, volunteer refreshment, skips etc. to ensure that our donation centres functioned efficiently.

Feed Newport CIC

Established in 2020 we stepped in to support our partners of that time, Feed Newport CIC, with setting up a go fund me page. Funds were used to buy food/necessities/vouchers to those affected the most due to CoronaVirus. Collected by Women of Newport and distributed by Feed Newport CIC

Help for Ukrainian Families

Whilst in Poland visiting family Kamila met some Ukrainian families from Suma affected by the war.

This page was set up  to help support them directly through those first terrible months using the funds in Poland.

rip pawel

This funding page was established to directly support a family who were affected by a personal tragedy and bereavement. The funds donated were used for funerary expenses and  to repatriate Pawel’s body back to Poland.  RIP Pawel. 

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