28 – 02 – 2022

Women of Newport
donation centers

On 28/02/2022 the largest Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal in South Wales was launched by Women of Newport and exploded into the news. We implemented the organisation of the hundreds of tonnes of donations and medical aid coming from all over Wales and further afield.

Thousands of pounds worth of goods were transported, sorted and repacked in various locations in Newport; Westgate Hotel, Rodney Parade, Friars Walk, Malpas and the docks with the support of hundreds of local volunteers, numerous local businesses and organisations and the support of members of Newport City Council.

All successfully transported and gratefully received in Ukraine through our partner the White Eagle Appeal in London.


WoN Party for Volunteers of Ukraine Appeal 2022

The overwhelming support we received whilst organising the Ukraine Appeal was colossal. Thank you to the hundreds if not thousands who supported us during this very emotive time. We could not have achieved the magnificent endeavour without your very magnanimous help and support and surely all who participated will never ever forget these times. 

We hosted a party for our lovely volunteers, supporters, sponsors at the Westgate Hotel in May 2022. We also invited those Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Newport to ensure they felt welcomed and part of our community and throughout the region. We are especially grateful to The Westgate Hotel team, The Baptist Church in Newbridge, ABC Polish Supermarket, Newport City Homes, Jane Mudd and Newport City Council, White Eagle Appeal and many, many more too numerous to mention.

09 – 2022

Kingsway Ukrainian
Shop 2022

The Women of Newport  Ukraine appeal was beyond just sending donations through Poland to Ukraine. We successfully orchestrated the opening of a “free”  shop in the Kingsway Shopping Centre with support of their management team and the exceptional  work of our volunteers.

We handed over management of the shop in September 2022, but it still exists and is providing vital support for the local and regional Ukrainians  who arrived in Newport .


White Eagle Appeal 2022

In partnership with White Eagle Appeal, a Polish charity especially established for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid effort, Women of Newport have successfully transferred thousands of tonnes of donations, equipment and medical aid to those who need it most in Ukraine. We travelled to their headquarters in Balham, London to meet friends and organisers to strategize the ongoing efforts conducive to ensuring the best possible outcomes for those in Ukraine and the refugees making their way to the UK and Wales.

We were given a very warm welcome with traditional food and drinks and met some of the first refugees to make it to the UK.

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