2019 / 2021

Newport City Ladies FC Club

Between 2019-2021 Women of Newport teamed up with this fabulous local female football team. We believe in the magic of empowerment and supporting each other. We felt passionate about supporting other women’s dreams and we shared their voice through our platforms, photographing their progress and growth over those years. We actively encouraged local businesses to offer them sponsorships, supported them at matches and participated in meaningful events for them, even if it meant standing, camera in hand, in the rain to get the perfect shot!

17 – 11 – 2022

Houses of Parliament 2022

17th November is International Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day. Dawn was invited to the Houses of Parliament by Pancreatic Cancer UK to speak to over 100 Lords & MP’s about the importance of early recognition and diagnosis of this aggressive and devastating cancer and she is campaigning to improve clinical pathways for patients. She was accompanied by Kamila and were lucky enough to be invited to lunch by Jess Morden MP and her team with a quick tour around Parliament – just missing out on PM’s  question time! However she made some great connections with local and regional MP’s who pledged their support while Women of Newport support and assist her to continue her commitment to care for all those recently diagnosed, living with or recovering from cancer.


Newport Rising Festival

Part of the supporting team of this annual event, with Kamila as the resident photographer, Women of Newport continue to champion local events for the benefit of the community.  The festival is a torch-lit celebration of the events of 1839, the last large-scale armed anti-authoritarian rebellion in Britain and a cornerstone to modern democracy, where John Frost and the Chartists fought for the common peoples’ voices to be heard and the right to vote.   

History on your doorstep, fire it up!

2019 / 2020

Feed Newport & Women of Newport

Through the pandemic, Women of Newport and Feed Newport were actively in partnership caring for our local community. In 2020 the WoN Go Fund Me page in aid of Feed Newport collected almost £500 which was used to purchase personal hygiene products for elderly citizens in areas of Newport where aid and assistance was needed most. All photography by Kamila J Photography

16 – 08 – 2019

Women of Newport sleep
on the streets 2019

It was a cold night 16th October 2019 when Women of Newport took to the streets to raise awareness about the homelessness issues Newport is facing. An eye opening and very meaningful project, the evening began with visiting different support groups preparing food for the local homeless with Feed Newport’s Support the Homeless Appeal. 

Then they took to the streets talking, eating and sleeping alongside homeless people in Newport city centre to experience for 1 night what they endure night after night, raising awareness to the general public.


International Women’s Day 2020 hosted by Newport Women’s Forum

Women of Newport were pleased to attend this superb and stylish annual event at the Lysaght Institute organised by Newport Women’s Forum celebrating all our amazing women. It’s so  motivating to be enjoying the excellent company of local inspiring women and being part of this event.  Perfect Ladies Lunch!

and we absolutely loved it – we can’t wait to attend the next one.

03 – 2022

International Women's Day 2020 hosted by the Riverfront Theatre

Women of Newport also were privileged to attend another of our favourite annual celebrations at the Riverfront Theatre again celebrating the incredible women and girls of Newport. This event  stimulates so much interest and support,  we love it and cannot wait for the next one.


Newport’s official TedX 2019

Women of Newport were proud sponsors of the inaugural TedX Casnewydd at the Riverfront Theatre in 2019.  The event, organised and hosted by our friends at Record One with local, british and european guest speakers, was extremely well attended and received. We love being part of inspiring events and there is nothing better than an uplifting story.


Riot City Ravens & Women of Newport 2019

Riot City Ravens, Newport’s roller derby team, were awarded National Lottery funding to host a two-day tournament. Women of Newport member and Face of Newport Rising Festival, Georgie was part of our team at that time and we were proud to support and photograph the event thereby  presenting and furthering our role in promoting the divergent local community scene.   


Record One & Women of Newport 2021

Women of Newport were invited to take part in one of  a series of podcasts produced by Record One in 2021. A fun studio-banter pod about the creation and organisation of events by Women of Newport.


Supporting Pastor Peter’s
Jubilee 2022

Whilst our Ukraine Appeal team was still busy transporting, sorting and packing the donations, Gosia and Kamila found some time to attend Pastor Peter’s at the Newbridge Baptist Church jubilee celebrations in 2022. They joined the picnic and supported the event by organising small activities like face painting for the children. The Church from Newbridge was one of our main supporters during the appeal and this was a way we could show our appreciation for their valuable help.


Girlguiding and Gwent Police

In her role as Newport Commissioner for Girlguiding, Dawn encourages interaction and co-operation with other youth organisations. In collaboration with Gwent Police cadets, Dawn’s Brownies Unit were raising awareness of White Ribbon Day – preventing violence against girls and women.  

WoN support all local community cohesion and photographer Kamila was invited to Brownies to see the activities that the Brownies were undertaking for this event. White Ribbons were painted onto rocks and placed around the area for anyone to find as well as a large “Hands Shouldn’t Hurt” Collage.

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